Mobile amusement park is coming to town

Ever since I came to London, I have healthy life. I moved by bicycle,
jog in park, also I went to gym to swim.

Road traffic rules are slightly different in Japan, I don't understand
why every signal turn red in crossroad. but almost people ignore that.

When I'm having exercise, I always listen to my friend's DJ mix.
It's best way for having fun exercise.
My dear DJs! Let me get your mix on web♪ I need your good vibes!

Mobile amusement park is coming to my jogging park in this week.


なんかこういうの良いな〜。Wild mouseだってさ〜笑、和む♨
Many macho men who has tattoo every each arms constructed the amusement park very smoothly.
They has smiles with their job. That's good ! very warming :)
and nice humor like this.

wild mouth

Centerの方へ行くと、East end film festivalという、movie fesに出くわし
When I went to center city, there is movie fes"East end film festival".
so enjoying free movie at space of shopping street.

Good good ! nice event!


との事。僕が見た時は、ヒッチコックの(The Lodger)という無声映画に生バンド
The fes was running on about 1week more or less, showing that about 200 old and new movie.
When I watched, they showed Hitchcock's silent movie"The Lodger" with live accompaniment.
It was playing from start of film to the end.


The band played like improvisation, but music matched each sine each timing!
It was so cool and excellent. Unfortunately audience interfere to watch that.
I couldn't have enjoy full, well it's free movie and movie fes, unavoidable...
but I could have good time♪

Whether from the spring has come, it is all over these events is great!
Nogh respect!!!

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hey, it's dan!

be careful with those temporary carnivals OK?? i think they are often very sketchy (怪しい)! your bike looks great. i hope you're enjoying your time in london so far. keep in touch.

No title

Hey〜, Dan〜!!!!
Off cause I'm OK!  It seems not sketchy : )
There are many fun lovely children at day time.
But thanks for ur notice! 

Finally legalization is going on in California!
That's fantastic! Next is Ekoda U know! haha!
I lost ur name card sorry, so I could't send you mail...
I'm on face book and U can find Hiroki Ebata also Ryutaro's friend.
Would you like to find me? because there are many dan & danny!
I don't know how to fined out foreigner!

No title

hahah, i was basically joking about the carnival being sketchy, don't worry.

actually, i think i might move apartments sometime, and i'm thinking about moving to nogata or yamatocho, so pretty close to ekota! i've been meaning to go back to Cobra again :D

i just added you on facebook.

No title

Thanx for add!
I didn't realize joke, I thought there are some homicide in carnival midnight!
anyway, I have fun always like ur Japan!
Around Nogata is good place for live, coz near to Cobra & coconuts disk also Koenji, almost apartment are cheep rent under four thousand yen more or less!
If agent said higher than the place, U should say just
"F@CK! Boku no kawaii kame wo uejini saseru ki ka!!??"
This words which like a charm has strong impact without bother!
Keep serious & never give up !
It's my advice :D
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