Long time no write the blog

Anyway, So long time this blog has been stack, but it's on my feeling like mountain's weather.
I've got so many things to write, and I don't know how I can choose from those stacked memory...
These days, I've been playing percussion at Passing clouds which is music venue in Dalston. The venue is really nice place enjoying music, every night some hot things keep going on this place, and Every Sunday afternoon, we play percussion and eat foods and watching movie and Jamming. so that, when I go there on Sunday, I can enjoy all of day.

Dive into Sunday Jam

And also I'm Djing here every 2 weeks on Thursday.
Tumbaito, the house band of this event, is really cool. They play Latin Jazz original songs and some covers then going to jamming which comes anytime on those songs, that is amazing live performance. I love their sounds.
All musician who come to join jam are very attractive and they love music no doubt. I'm join to them and gonna get some good things for my life. It's enough only feeling but will keep it because it's fun!

Topic : Diary
Genre : Diary

Give it until grown up...

It's been 1 year since I came to London. This diary has got stuck in the "big chill" so long time.
Long these days I spend good time and also bad time, when I was in the bad my friends and friend's kindness helped me to find better place.
When I realize my friend's humanity, I feel something as positive power.

There are lots of bad news these days, not only the Earth quake...
Such a feeling knocks me down, but when I see someone's little heart and diving into it with really good music, that makes me realize what Love is.

Sometimes I pray seriously, and hope it's gonna be OK.
I've been sending exactly same thing which save me from depressing,
and I trust what we pray for something could be changing any things.
I don't think it's a silly thing, it's important thing for every people.
Send it in right way and receive it in your heart.
If the pain improves a little, give it to around the people by changing your smile.

When you feel a pain, I feel a pain as well.
My heart and thought goes to Japan.
Much Love!

Big chill pt2

2nd day of Big chill, we were going around stage to stage, grabbing food.
It was little rainy, but often sun make warm ground, not bad.

The fes never bored me, there were lots of art & curious tiny shops
also mobile amusement park otherwise everywhere grasses.

夕方過ぎからChill Xという、比較的小さめのステージで
PHANTOM LIMBと言うBandがアコースティックなliveをやっていて、
We've got changing the plan that we went back to tent at once until the
night, coz meet good live at Chill X stage, PHANTOM LIMB is it.
They played blues & calm sound on acoustic set, good atmosphere
& comfortable sounds.

そのまま、メインステージへTOM YORKを聴きに行く。
素晴らしいLiveだったんだけど、途中でMATHEW HERBERTを聞きに行く。
after that going to main stage for listening to TOM YORK,
he play acoustic guitar & piano, and also using recording tool and
making sound on the time, it's amazing live, but we leaved,
coz I wanted to see MATHEW HERBERT!
He canceled London live in past jun, so I wanted!

メインステージではMASSIVE ATTACKが始まるも、最後まで観る。
Herbret was making sound real time from sample, and using many effector,
his mike recording his clap or something, also he made up his stage
decoration. I don't know the abnormal sounds are under his control or
something like ad lib, but some noise make the beat and music strangely.
Although MASSIVE ATTACK were starting at main stage, but we stayed till
the end of Herbert.
It's a fantastic live, also we could see near the stage:)

Big chillとのコラボでHOPINGというパレスチナの難民支援をしていました。
lastはUnfinished Sympathyで鳥肌。
then going back main stage, MASSIVE ATTACK was playing.
Heavy sounds are vibrating my stomach even backside of field!
cool cool! Sound was amazing♪
Although I wanted to see the lights message of their back,
but we could enjoy much!
They back again stage to play "Unfinished Sympathy"
they support HOPING that helps young people of Palestine.

その後に頑張って、LAYO & BUSHWAKAを見に行くが
after that, going to see LAYO & BUSHWAKA,
but ran out of my energy for dancing,
hearing a few minute and go back to tent.

アンビエントゾーンではglobal communication 74:16。
At ambient zone where between stage and camp,
playing "global communication 74:16"
I repented of not having had a camera the day.


日目は昼過ぎから、EASY STAR ALL-STARSのLiveを観に行く。
Dubside of the moonを初めOK computerのレゲエカバーもしていて
The 3rd day, waked up afternoon and going to EASY STAR ALL-STARS live.
They played Pink floid's album "Dark side of the moon"
arranging to dub "Dubside of the moon", and Radio head's "OK computer"
as well.
They had hot stage and grate performance♪

Out side appeared huge rainbow!


シネマがあったんで気分転換に観に行くと、Block partyがやってたんで
観てしまう。途中、メインステージのROOTS MANUBAへ。
U.S to U.K
We had a break time and going to see cinema, there are Playing
"Block party", so we had a seat for a while.
in the middle of cinema, going to main stage for listening ROOTS MANUBA.
I feel from U.S.A to U.K, haha!

結構liveは派手で、Hip hopと言うよりはElectro Bandって感じで
It was carrying out that his live was fairly showy and it was various.
It's not only hip hop, would be better to say Electronic band.

roots manuba

Next stage was "M.I.A"
She is a genius exciting audience. Her performance and decorated stage makes young people high
enough. actually not only young people.
The grandpa who is keeping to sit down also stands up!
Music was interesting.

夜はANDREW WEATHRALLがかなり凄い音を出してそうだったんですが
可能性があるのでMR SCRUFFのステージへ行く。
the night, ANDREW WEATHRALL might play crazy sound which knock me from
direction of long distance.
I thought if I go never come back, I'd like to hear MR SCRUFF.

MR SCRUFFが相当ヤバかった。
MU SCRUFF had incredible DJ & Live! also his pretty character was
dancing on the screen & it synchronize music.
the sound sense were hi lighted!

and going HENRIC SCHWARTS live.
His sound is always cool!
Here is also a full stomach at the best.

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Genre : Diary

Big chill

先週末にテントと寝袋を担いで、Summer fes "Big chill"に行ってきました。
We had a great time last weekend, coz went to summer festival "Big chill"
bringing a tent & sleeping bags!

big chill

こっちのクラビング日記でbarの事を書いてますが、Big chillはRecord label、
Bar, club, Summer Festival と色々なアプローチで音楽を提供していて内容も
レーベル(発信源)があり、bar, club(実験室)があり、fes(お祭り)がある。
I wrote the blog about Big chill bar which is same production as Big chill
fes. The Big chill has Record label, bar, club, and summer fes, these
kind of produce of music are every great!
I think it's a ideal circle.

こっちでは、Summer fesが目白押しで、まあ、沢山あります。
In UK, there are a lot of Summer fes as well.
The most difference between Japan and UK is guidance about festival.
There are lots of free paper in London, so not only music but also
play, food, fashion, travel,etc...-news paper is free at tube.
The information on festivals and all entertainment are offered all over
the town.

Off cause Doop event intend Underground information I like it.
But I like too the open style for child to old man or physically.
Japanese media should have the open style about entertainment,
I think, I felt negative criticize of rave when I was Japan.
Get positive & active having joy of Summer, Music , Nature, fellow, etc...
that's a life, isn't that?

Big chill festivalも、そんなオープンなfesの中の一つ、しかもこの面子。
Big chill fes is one of the open style, and this line up!

Big chill: Line up


Ledbury station where we got by train 4 hours from London.


Slow atmosphere and good location!!!

We made a tent and spend slow time,and went to supermarket
where we took over 1 hour one way on foot for cost cut.


Nice post and nice way!
when we come back camp, off cause drink a lot!


How big the fes? It might be same as Fuji rock fes,
I don't care about which is big!

24時くらいにAdrian Sherwoodを観に行く。
after chilling, we went to listen to Adrian Sherwood.
His sound is solid and cool, we lay on the hill and tasting.
also Ragga MC was heaping up well!

初日は前夜祭的な雰囲気で、Aidrian sherwoodは最終日のメインステージでも
Adrian had another live performance on main stage at last day, but we
couldn't see that, so I satisfied to see his live on first day.

帰り道では丘の上のChill Spaceで、光のオブジェの中でKLFのChill outが。.。.
うーん、Big chill♪
When we were getting to our camp, there is nice chilling space on big hill,
also lights object and music of KLF's "chill out".。.。

Yes, this is Big chill♪

Topic : Diary
Genre : Diary

About London nights♪

さてさて、London nights第二弾。
Well, I'd like to write about London night clubing part 2!

If I go to club, I should write soon, but I saved it no reason.

ここ1ヶ月ちょいのGood partyをピックアップ。
I pick up good party the past one month.

◆まずは、Luke vibert@big chill bar。
first, Luke vibert@big chill bar.

Trip pop, DnB, Acid, Breake beatsと幅広いジャンルを名義を使い分けて
He dropped lots of incredible songs and over the genre using each name.

I think he is Genius. when I listen to his DJ at air in Japan,

I didn't feel so good, but the day, he play lots of mad acid tune and
heaping up!

The merit of sense is the highlight.


I took a picture with him, coz I'm one of fan :-)


◆次の日は、David Mancusoさんも行ってきました。@Light bar
The next day, going to David Mancuso@Light bar


Even if a place changes, an one music intimate style does not change.

Although he play to the last of track, even like house beat, nobody getting
bored and Groove are connected.

The grown-up margin and the prejudice were felt.

Dance floor was delighted, I felt something happy♪

Aftertaste was so grate!

◆あとは、Mixmaster Morris @big chill bar
and, Mixmaster Morris @big chill bar

DJはゆるりDowntempo Break beats、もう少しドープなのが聞きたかったんですが
He played Downtempo Break beats. I want to listen deeper his world, but

the day was weekday bar. It was good & fresh touch.

It's one of grate things that even legend like him can be heard free.

◆あと、Osunlade @Bar life
Next was Osunlade @Bar life


the day was incredible!

R2 RecordsというOsunladeのMixも出しているレーベルのパーティー。
The party was been threw by R2 Records label which release Osunlade's mix.


Princeのtributo eventで、Minneapolis Funk周辺というマニアックな内容。
The party concept is tribute to Prince & hook up Minneapolis Funk sound
he inspired.

The music is powerful♪

この日は紆余曲折色々あって、bar lifeにて30人くらいの小規模partyだったん
It was a nice atmosphere although it was about 30 persons' small-scale party
at bar life as many-complications various on that day.


Theo parishが遊びに来てたので、とりあえずSound signatureを絶賛。
Theo was there, so I admired the Sound signature.

◆あとは、Benji-B @fablic
Last is Benji-B @fablic


This event was spotting live performance as Bilal、Muhsinah、Fatima,

Good party。で、liveの合間にBenji-bのDJという感じ。
and Benji-b was playing interval.
He played middle shool hip-hop and it's heaping up.

Individually, although I wanted to hear DJ for a while,
it's at the following opportunity well.

Topic : Diary
Genre : Diary

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